Island Treasures Gourmet™ Rum Cakes are made in the USA with high quality ingredients to create a Smooth, Moist, Full Flavored Gourmet Rum Cake for the whole family.

We use Real Rum! We put the rum in the before baking so the spirits are baked out leaving a smooth flavor.

Our Rum Cake is now available in seven flavors, two sizes and a sampler pack. Made fresh in our own bakery, each is topped off with our special glaze, which is poured onto the rum cakes right from the oven.

In addition to great taste, our product has an attractive box which makes it great for gift giving. Island Treasures Gourmet Rum Cakes are often served at parties, enjoyed with morning coffee or an afternoon snack, and are the perfect ending to any meal. While developing the packaging, I wanted the internal container to be attractive as well as functional. The re-closeable container protects the rum cakes when shipping, is attractive for serving and provides storage once cut. We have received many compliments on the re-closeable container – just one more thing that sets Island Treasures Gourmet apart — and it is completely recyclable!

Having vacationed in the Caribbean for several years, we enjoyed Rum Cakes we had there. We would bring some home with us and before long they were gone, and we would have to wait for the next vacation to get more because there wasn’t anyplace to buy them. So I set out to make my own rum cake!

After about a year of trying every different type of rum, flour and formula, I had a Vanilla Rum Cake I was happy with. We had many taste testing panels, from family to friends to spectators at school sports functions. It was a hit and a new venture began! We came up with a name, a design idea, sourced packaging, and in 2007 I started baking them in our house.

After two years of me baking and my husband selling, we built a bakery and moved out of the house. We were selling to Gift and Gourmet Shops and many HoneyBaked Ham franchise stores. After being in the bakery only two years, we were busting at the seams and had to build-out a bigger space and moved about two miles away. We sell our cakes wholesale to retailers in our Island Treasures Gourmet branded packaging and Private Label. We also sell retail on our website.

Our Rum Cakes are sold in Becky’s Hallmark Shops,, Landis Supermarkets, various Specialty Gift and Gourmet Shops, Fund Raisers and at HoneyBaked Ham. The HoneyBaked Ham locations carry our Rum Cake in HoneyBaked Ham Rum Cake branded (private label) packaging. Whether treating yourself, your guests, or gift giving, it is sure to be a winner – and with the variety of flavors to choose from you are sure to please everyone. Island Treasures Gourmet Rum Cake is perfect for all occasions! Be sure to keep plenty on hand — they will be back for more!!

Have a great day!
Cassandra Craig ~ Owner and Creator

If you are a Retailer, or have an inquiry regarding Private Label, Fund Raisers or Corporate Gift Programs, send your inquiry and contact information to Ken Craig at or call 703-801-4671