Island Treasures Gourmet™ makes exquisite Gourmet Rum Cake!

Our customers say this is the Best Rum Cake they have ever had! Perfect for anyone wanting to serve or gift an exceptional, unique and memorable sweet treat. Island Treasures Gourmet™ is enjoyed by all ages, as the alcohol is baked out, leaving a smooth, moist, full flavor – one reminiscent of an island vacation, and gatherings with family and friends. Your order will ship within 2 to 4 days, in specially designed packaging to ensure they arrive in superb condition! We will even include a special note, upon your request.


special sampler pack banana rum cake
raspberry rum cake chocolate rum cake cinnamon pecan streusel
  • My favorite rum cake! Island Treasures Gourmet Chocolate Rum Cake is my absolute favorite rum cake. I will certainly be back to shop for more!
    Elizabeth from Colorado
  • I first tried this at a friend's party and loved it. Since then I have bought this to serve at a social gathering of my own. Even my husband who is very critical of cake that is not home-made loved this cake.
    Jenny from Bristow, VA
  • This was as good a chocolate cake as I've ever tasted!
    Gary from Kings Beach, Ca.
  • I'm not usually a rum cake person. I'm just a straight chocolate snob. but this chocolate rum cake is seriously incredible. it's hard not to eat the whole thing in one sitting. it's rich and moist and everyone -- everyone -- loves it. you can freeze it, too, and when you thaw it it's just as good. it is one of my very favorite indulgences on earth.
    Margaret Singer from Somerville
  • MMMMMM This cake was soooooooo good. I've tried them all and it is my favorite.
    Courtney from Woodbridge Va